I will install and setup your call center on vicidial goautodial4



Vicidial /Goautodial is completely open-source no per seat licensing, lower TCO (total cost of ownership)

No limitations, like number of agent or number of campaigns etc.
Fully scalable, Expand with your call centre all you need is either more RAM or add servers.
Vicidial can be integrated with 3rd party application like CRM, ERP, Ticketing system or SMS marketing software etc.
Low maintenance cost, based on linux system no need to do virus, spy-ware clean up, supported by large community. Vicidial engineers are not expensive.

I’m IT specialist and developer, i also have my own call center

my gig here i will provide a 
Cloud based call center software installation and setup
this solution contain all this featured here:

  • upload leads list from csv or xcel file
  • setup your own sip or iax voip carrier
  • record all calls
  • predictive dilaing
  • monitoring screen
  • answering machine detection
  • inboud and outbound and survey
  • crm
  • calendar
  • call back
  • softphone xlite
  • WebRtc (call from browser)

i can white label the interface with adding your custom logo and changing color interface
i provide free teamviwer tutorial for beginners

Please Contact me before ordering 


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