I will install and optimize nginx



This gig is dedicated to any kind of Nginx support & installation. I’ll install, configure, troubleshoot & optimize Nginx for any Linux environment. Any kind of configuration is supported such as Upstream Proxy / Loadbalancing / Web-serving.  

Optimization (Quick List)

– Workers Optimizations.
– Tweak File descriptors.
– Tweak queue handling.
– Tweak different header & body buffer values.
– Conceal service banner.
– Tweaking SSL connectivity to accept multiple connections over single SSL handshake with HTTP/2 for advance browsers 
– Activate Gzip compression.

Note: I cannot list out all optimization buffers due to characters limitation.


  • Linux (Redhat, Centos, Ubuntu, Debian, FreeBSD)
  • Extra days support will be provided to confirm if anything requires to be debugged.

Pre Installation

  • Need Analysis
  • Need to know the realtime traffic
  • Suggestions about setup

Post Installation

  • Tuning OS kernel
  • Tuning Nginx parameters for best performance gain to handle c10k connections.
  • Reading Nginx & kernel logs for any critical misconfiguration
  • A detailed report will be prepared to confirm everything is working fine

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