I will help you to manage your projects efficiently



I will provide 360 degree Project Management services. I am an expert in both Agile, Waterfall & Kanban methodology. I am a Certified Scrum Master (CSM) and can coach a team to successfully execute the project management using Agile Scrum principles and rules. I will make sure that the team and product owners understand scum and follow all of its principles and use events like – Planning meeting, Daily standup, Retrospective meeting, Demo meeting, Product backlog refreshment, etc. I will help with JIRA / Rally / Microsoft Project / Basecamp / Trello / Asana.

Also, As part of project management I provide The following services 
1. Project Planning
2. Risk Management 
3. Resource management
4. Budgeting / Project Costing 
5. Maintaining scope of the project
6. Work Breakdown Structure ( WBS )
7. Finding Critical Path.

8. Value Management 


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