I will help you to earn money by publishing multiplayer board games



Earning money is too easy now by Games.,You can buy single or multiplayer prepared Ludo,Casino and Slot games from us.
How its Work:
We develop Multiplayer board game for you game is integrated with ads.when user play games and watch ad you earn money that how you earn approx 1000$ per month without any Hassle because we are here for you.
Ads Plugins are:

  1. Google Mobile Ads.
  2. Unity Mobile Ads.

As much user play your game as much you earn money.It depends on User Traffic,that how many users play your game and from which region.
You are thing now now you increases your User Traffic. Don’t worry we will also do it for you.
Please click on this link for ASO.
Working together is success,We are professional team,we are developing games from years and developed lots of 2D and 3D games. We can develop games from scratch which includes design, modeling, animations, and programming. We can provide you samples for further satisfaction.
We will provide you the following services: 

  • Card Games 
  • Ludo Game 
  • Slot Game


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