I will help you to build data ware houses with complex dimensions



I will design and develop the data ware house in SQL server SSIS technologies. 
The complete data ware house shall contain following features

  • Data Ware house Logical Design
  • Implementing Dataware house
  • Developing SSIS Packages
  • Designing and Implementing Control Flow
  • Designing and Implementing DataFlow
  • Enhancing Control Flow
  • Enhancing Data Flow
  • Creating a Robust and Restartable package
  • Implementing Dynamic Packages
  • Auditing and Logging
  • Installing SSIS and Deploying packages
  • Executing and Securing Packages
  • Trouble Shooting and Performance Tuning
  • Installing and Maintain Data Quality Services
  • Implementing Master Data Services
  • Managing Master Data
  • Data Quality Project for Cleaning the Data
  • SSIS and Data Mining
  • Implementing Custom Code In SSIS Packages
  • Identity Mapping and De-Duplicating


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