I will help you in payroll tasks and employee data management



Hi there!

Welcome to my gig !

In this gig, i will do the following services related to human resources management and payroll tasks:

  1. Payroll employee management;
  2. Employee absent rate calculations;
  3. Employee leave to vacation tracker;
  4. Employee performance review;
  5. Monthly Payroll report;
  6. Payroll accounting;
  7. Salary distribution data analysis;
  8. Retirment saving calculator spreadsheet;
  9. 401(k) Savings Calculator statement;
  10. Human resources management;
  11. Help in any tasks related to payroll;

Why hire me?

  • 100% satisfaction;
  • Experienced in finance and human resources;
  • Good level in excel and modeling;
  • 24h/7j Availability;
  • Deadlines respect;
  • Flexibility and Value for Money;

Note: Please feel free to inbox me before placing your order, if you have a custom project i am available and open to exchange our ideas in this field.

Thank you.


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