I will help you in developing sql , mysql, ms sql



Please  before placing order  contact me to discuss requirements.
    Hope you are fine and good. welcome to my portfolio i have a grip over these RDBMS Database
  1. MS SQL Server
  2. MySQL
  3. PostgreSQL
  4. SQLite
  5. MS Access
  6. Oracle 12c
i can help you in these related tasks in the databases:

  1. Database Development, Management, Optimization and Normalization(INF,2NF,3NF and more)
  2. Write Complex queriesStore ProceduresFunctionsTriggersViewsIndexing & JOINS
  3. Relational Schema & Schema design
  4. Entity Relationship Modeling & ERD Diagrams
  5. Relational Database Design
  6. Bussiness Intelligence report
  7. Data import/export
  8. Removing Redundancy
  9. Database Migration
Best Regards
Mudasir Khoso


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