I will help you grow your money in the stock market using robinhood



I can help you start making money in the stock market. Right now is the best time to start investing and I can help you make the most of it.

*I don’t do day trading. I do not offer trading signals.

Stock analysis:
If you are interested in a specific stock but want to know if the company is financially sound, I will do the research for you. I will provide you with a calculation of what I believe the stock is actually worth.

Stock list:
I will provide you with the list of stocks that I am currently invested in. I will also provide the price I plan to sell each stock at.

I will provide you with the resources I used to learn what I know about the stock market. This includes a playlist of videos as well as my guidance.

Message me you have any questions or requests you think I can help you with.

Disclaimer: The information I give is not financial advice. They are the opinions I’ve formed due to the time I have spent invested in the stock market. I hold no responsibility in regards to the stocks you choose to buy.


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