I will help you get your dream sat and act score with study guide



Raise your SAT/ACT score with the study guide that sent me to the #4 university worldwide! I spent hundreds of hours studying the SAT and ACT, retaking the tests multiple times, and developing a perfect plan so you don’t have to!

You will find the strategies I used to raise my score by 3 points (130+ points on SAT), the hardest problems I encountered while studying for the ACT organized by subject and topic, techniques for each type of problem and an overall study plan to help you spread your learning (can apply to any exam prep)! 

Plus free college admissions advice – simply DM me:) This ACT study guide contains strategies for ALL exams, and has VERY similar if not identical content for SAT. 

If you want to raise your SAT/ACT score, all you have to do is message me, pay me on this platform, and I’ll send it. 

And as always, I’m always here if you need a friend to talk to. Thank you for checking this out! 


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