I will help you brainstorm, and develop your ideas



Are you working on your latest creation, but could do with bouncing some ideas around? Do you have trouble managing time or priorities? Do you feel you have so much to do you don’t know where to start? I CAN HELP! I am your troubleshooter! Let’s find the answer together 
I am a creative and innovative powerhouse (veteran, business owner, and author) who has interests in a variety of areas.  I specialize in igniting great ideas, helping people move forward. We will discuss the basics of your idea and I’ll play around with it and see how it can be expanded, enhanced or turned into reality.
I am will research information about the areas of interest you present, and will prepare several options from which you can choose. Constructive critique included within a comprehensive format.
Let’s take the first step:
  1. Describe the specific details about your problem and current solution (if exists) on the order page. 
  2. Provide your deadline dates, expectations
  3. Give any examples you wish to provide as further guidance.  
That will definitely be an opportunity for me to brainstorm and learn new things.
Stay Motivated and Keep It Moving to the #nextLEVEL


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