I will help you and a small group learning swedish


This is for students starting to learn Swedish.

Please contact me know if you would like to study Swedish. We can do it together. You work on your own with a group for two lessons a week and I teach on Zoom 60 minutes a week. 
This can start when there are at least 5 students that are able to have my lesson at the same time.

As an extra I can sen the Text- and Work book to your home address by mail.
I you would like to have a private lesson with me you can add it, too.

When studying you will use Google Drive by sharing files and writing the same documents.
It is optional to create a common blog to have documentation of your learning process.

When there are more students you will be devided in to several small groups.

I will mainly use the Text- and the Workbook Rivstart A1+A2. I will also provide you with other materials to help you study on your own and in your peer groups.



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