I will help find items you are looking for buy it and ship to you



Worked as a sales representative in a international trade company which is exporting bicycles, i handled bunch of parts purchasing cases on behalf of my clients by below operations:
1 search the product supplier who provide product with low price,good quality and well service
2 send sample and get confirmation from client.
3 place order,follow up lead-time and deal with quality claim

I can provide the same service to you with the equal professional level if you have any need of Chinese product. Just few steps, you get what you want with the most favorable price.

1. Please contact me with the item you are looking for.(pic or description with model no.)

2. I go to find the same or similar product and send you the details

3. We can discuss the product price and shipping options.

4. If the product is the right fit for your need, i will help buy it and send it to you via your preferred shipping method!

The payment:
1 For each item, my service fee is $15
2 Pls pay for the item and freight of shipping separately.
3 If you’d like me to inspect product before delivery, there will be $5 additional fee for each item.


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