I will help and make any vr, 360 and ar games in unity with you



*Before ordering, please contact me to know what the price will be.

I am a developer working at Easysee and like to do the most creative tasks. I have some colleagues that can support me when needed so that I can deliver the best quality possible.

My colleagues and I have a professional mindset in making games, serious games, and other graphical applications.

When using the latest Unity3D we can make basically any game to a Virtual Reality game.
This includes most VR headsets and AR technologies.

Below stand what I can do:

  1. Make a game or app in the latest Unity3D
  2. Make VR, 360 and AR games
  3. Convert existing Unity games to VR and AR
  4. Give advice how to use VR, AR and 360
  5. Test 360, VR and AR games and repair them
  6. Make professional Documentation
  7. Design games, modeling things, animate things 

Please contact us before ordering anything so I can assure you if it’s possible.
The 3 offers above are starting prices.
Feel free to ask if you have more questions.


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