I will guide you on how to get featured on forbes, huffington, etc




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Let’s talk about getting your brand on big media.

Getting featured on big media like Forbes, Huffington, Entrepreneur, etc. is a great business decision
Benefits includes:
  • Getting the attention of over 71.1M Forbes monthly visitors in the US alone (imagine other parts of the world.)
  • Generating more traffic to your website.
  • Attracting more credibility to your brand. 
  • People get to know about your achievement (and or trust you enough to buy from you.)
       You get the “as featured on Forbes” bragging rights.
  • Ultimately HIGH returns on investment
If you are going to do this at all, you should do it with someone who has helped over 20 brands get the PR recognition they deserve.

What I do is to provide you with proven strategies on how to:

 1. Become accepted as a writer or Contributor on big media like Forbes, entrepreneur, etc.

 2. Know the right approach to make contributor publish you for free.

 3. Know how to get the contact of contributors and Forbes staff

Jump in for a quick chat and let’s do something great together. 


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