I will give you tips or review your business for success



Are you struggling to turn a profit each month?   Looking to add more clients? Want an outside perspective on why your business isn’t as successful as you think it should be?

  • for $5 I answer one question you have about your business or business in general.
  • for $10 I review 5 key areas of your business and marketing which helps you know how you can improve overall.
  • for $20 I review over 100 aspects of your business and marketing that impact your success and advise on your strengths and weaknesses.  You will get personal feedback on key areas in which to invest in to increase your success, grow your business, and how you can better speak to, serve and sell to your customers.
  • Website in English required for $10 and $20 gigs
  • Available as a gig extra is a 30 minute live consult for $35 to discuss the 100+ aspect business review following the delivery of the review (cannot be purchased with $5 or $10 gigs).
  • I do not post reviews/testimonials on your behalf.
  • Also offering business consulting sessions, message me for details.


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