I will give you telegram automation bot



I have been remodeling this bot since 1 year and had improved lots  of features and had made many sales.
 It consists of following features:

  • It doesn’t require any installation
  • It can get all the details of user like(username,user first,last  name,user id) within seconds and store them to csv file.
  • It can get up to max of 10000 users at a time.
  • It can send bulk messages like you can send upto 50 users messages at a same time with message containing their individual (names or usernames or ids) which makes message look like user specific.
  • You can add people from other group to your group just by giving your group id  and file containing list of users.
  • you can also add from another group to your group just by giving ids of both groups.

As per official telegram limitations one account can add 50 new members per day and you should wait for 24hrs to use account again.
But advantage you can  open multiple instances of bot at same time here so consider:

If you open 10 instances and logged in with 10 different accounts :
for each account 50 so for 10 acconts 50×10=500 users can be added within 5 min of time.
so within 1hr you can add 500×60=30000 new users 


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