I will give you successful product amazon fba europe



Amazon UK, ES, FR, DE, IT market
Expert in Amazon for years, I put at your disposal my knowledge to find a product of high profitability.
Why do I offer the service if I could use it to my benefit?
I have a fast and effective way of working (consolidated from several years of niche vessels) that I have been able to create several recognized brands in my companies, I want to help you get it too.
My researched product specialties:
No seasonality.
No gated, no certified.
Average review 40-85.
Low competition & High demand.
Keyword research
Room for listing improvement.
Exact search term and search volume report.
In-depth detailed report:
1. Product choice based on analysis
1. Competition analysis
2. Analysis of the industry and niches
3. Determination of market volume and chances of success
4. Trends and forecasts
5. Calculation of potential income
6 List of suitable suppliers
7. (50 relevant keywords)
Try my way of working, I have the best software to reach the marked targets.
I wait for you, you will not regret it.


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