I will give you 500 ebooks and tolls to sell them


About This Gig

I’m a Computer Science Engineer, with a major in Data Science and Artificial intelligence. I’ve been making websites for 5 years now. As a business genius, I always have to write books either to sell or to give. My business strategies also include using and giving eBook people can sell themselves to start their own online business.

What tools do I provide with each eBook? 

  • The cover Image
  • The ebook itself in PDF.
  • An editable version of the eBook in.doc
  • A website and sell page you can use to sell it.
  • An article you can use to promote it on your Blog or on Social media
  • A promotional email you can send to your list or your relatives to sell it
  • And Finally, a license document that allows you to sell the eBook and the “resale right”

Why order from me? 

  • I will give you 500 eBooks you can sell. 
  • Those are high-quality ebooks.
  • It is completely OK if you want to sell them yourself. 

What I do:

  • I provide you a direct link to download all of them.
  • I do it in less than 1 business day.
  • I ensure you have downloaded it and unzipped it the right way.

Also, you’ll get 100% satisfaction is absolutely guaranteed.

I’m ready to receive your order. ORDER NOW 🙂


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