I will ghostwrite your screenplay for film or TV


Screenplays take a lot of time, commitment and dedication, and we all go through phases of feeling stuck. As a passionate genre writer, I want nothing more than to help you push past those boundaries and make your dream a reality. Whether you’re currently too tied down at work or need another pair of eyes to shape it, I am here to help!

I will ghost write your screenplay (of any genre), meaning all of the creative credit will belong to you. I will give you feedback on your treatment, before writing it for you in a professional industry standard format.

With over 6 years of award-winning screenwriting experience, multiple awards, and 2 years of working as a development executive and script reader, I have detailed knowledge of industry standard screenplays and have learned small tips on how to make them more sellable.

I always make sure to sign a NDA (Non-disclosure agreement). All the rights and creative credit will belong to you.


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