I will ghostwrite, edit and proofread your books, ebooks and novels


 I Will Ghostwrite, Edit and Proofread your Books, ebooks and Novels

Are you looking for a ghostwriter and book writer with brilliant
and exceptional contents developing skills? 

Are you looking for an eBook writer with creative ideas and
Midas touch?


I’m an avid reader and writer with a firm dexterity on
both U.K. and U.S. spelling and punctuation.

I ball the most used objects: nouns, pronouns, adjectives,
verbs, twist them in a certain way, ball them together and make them bounce to
shift perceptions, spur second thoughts, and trigger actions! That’s how
my ideas transcend all boundaries, gaps and barriers

Do you need the following done?

ebook writing

Fictional writing


Proofreading and editing

ebook cover/design

ebook ghostwriting

Why me?

  •  I don’t deliver half-baked copy full of amateurish
    messages, but content that delivers jaw dropping results.
  • I will deliver Content that will make your competition
    “tremble in their boots”
  •  Attention to detail you expect from an ebook writer and
  • With me everything works like ‘magic’..

Hire me today and you’ll be glad you did



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