I will ghost rewrite your film scripts


Your idea must be fully fleshed out. If you merely have a vague idea it will cost extra depending on the page count.

I have written countless feature-length (105-120 page) scripts in the genres of thriller, mystery, western, and drama. My years of experience with creative writing is a valuable skill I have honed over the course of 10 years. My ability to create and turn ideas into a thought-provoking story has won me a few awards. I am very passionate when it comes to including suspense from subtle clues and hints. If you have a thrilling script idea. I am the right writer for you!

I’ve told stories in the medium of portrait art, essay writing, spec scripts, photography, and filmmaking. You can view my short film work on my YouTube channel @Cinemakehinde.

I will strengthen your script by eliminating any fatty words, tightening your plot and building stronger character dialogue. 

If you would like me to write a longer script. Please contact me and we can negotiate. 


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