I will generate test and random data for your database



Hello there,

My name is Adrian, I’m a professional with 7+ years of experience in databases development & administration and other development languages (Power Shell, VB.Net, C#), as well with a 3+ years of experience in data integration & reporting development.

I will be happy to support you with generation of fake / test data so you can test your database solutions.

The following data types can be generated:

  • Personal data (name, phone, email, date of birth etc.).
  • Addresses (country, city, street, postal code etc.).
  • Text, numeric, date, currency.
  • Other data types.

For each attribute you can specify the required attributes and min-max intervals (i.e. “BirthDate” must be between 01-Jan-1930 and 31-Dec-2019 and should be formatted as “YYYY-mm-DD”).

You can provide the schema of your tables you want to generate data for and the existing constraints (if exist) and your requirements for each column.

I will generate fake / test data also for tables which have PK – FK relationships.

The data will be delivered in the type of files as mentioned in the package description (Excel, CSV, XML, JOSN, SQL, Other).

Feel free to ask any questions before ordering.



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