I will fix your website css, css3, html5, layout, design issues



If you are searching for a person who can fix your website layout issue or can change its layout then Congrat’s you are at the right place!
I will fix any CSS, CSS3, HTML5 or design layout issue on your website. I can handle:
1) Fix layout issues for any device like desktop, mobile, Ipad and tablet etc.
2) Fix layout issues in different sections like sidebar, header, footer, sticky header, navbar etc
3) Adjust alignment of any element like margin, padding, and positioning etc.
4) Fix mouse hover over issues on any device.
5) Fix website colors.
6) Change the style of your website buttons.
7) Make font consistent 
8) Fix issues from any contact form.
9) Fix issues from social icons.
10) fix click issues on any button or links.
11) links will be open in a new tab or same tab.

or any other CSS, CSS3, HTML5, Jquery or layout issues
Why you Select me?

I hope you will be happy working with me because Client satisfaction is my first priority.
I always try my best to serve my best and improve my Work Quality because your trust and satisfaction is my real success. 
Thanks and Regard’s
Abdul Hakeem


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