I will fix your mac and provide tech support using zoom



With the recent quarantine due to COVID-19, everyone is now working from home. Consider me your personal IT department!

  • I connect with clients to do remote troubleshooting and software repair for MacOS X using Zoom video and screen sharing.
  • This is boutique one-on-one consultation service, with an emphasis on home users and small business clients.

  • I will fix any problem, install specific software by request, help you setup your syncing and backup solutions, and/or clean your system and make your computer run faster

I’ve done Apple technical support for home users and small business clients for close to two decades, often as a boutique in-home service, and I even worked directly for Apple in service and support for 5+ years. As an Apple Certified Mac Technician, I am familiar with the in’s and out’s of Mac OS X, as well as a host of other software, and am confident that if you have a Mac question or need any sort of help, I am your guy!


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