I will fix bugs and errors in your flutter app



SERVICES: Flutter Bug Fix, Fix Error, Performance Enhancement, Performance Improvement, User Interface bug Fix, Android and iOS Bug fix.

Hi, my name is Haroon. And I am a professional Flutter developer.

If you are looking for a Flutter Developer that could fix bugs in your existing flutter app then you have came to the right gig. I will fix bugs and errors in your flutter app in a reasonable price. 

I will fix bugs in:

  • Firebase With Flutter bugs
  • Flutter Bloc Pattern and Bloc Provider
  • Logic and Algorithms
  • Gradle Build errors 
  • Google Maps
  • Flutter bug in Camera and Gallery
  • Chat errors
  • Bug fix in AndroidX compatibility with flutter
  • Flutter bug in Layout Code
  • External Libraries
  • Flutter errors in Pubspec.yaml
  • Firebase Integration with Flutter
  • Firestore errors with flutter
  • Audio / Video Players

Or any other flutter bug or error in your flutter application, I will fix it for you.

What I need

  • Issue you are facing in your flutter app
  • Description of exact problem there is in your existing flutter app if its known (optional)

Please, feel free to contact me before placing an order or for any related problem. I’d be happy to help/guide you 🙂


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