I will fix and troubleshoot nginx issues



This gig is dedicated to issues related to NGINX, if you’ve been facing issues related to installation, misconfiguration or encountering bottlenecks under high traffic & server is not able to keep up with the traffic. This gig is built for you !!

Have a note that its not always the misconfigured web server which can leads to performance degradation but could be bad written code or malformed query which can increase server load hence blocking the overall performance of the website. So my job would be to point out the exact spot to start optimization from & go all the way to top of the list. 🙂

Though, i’m currently providing only installation with troubleshooting in $5 offer but for extra tweaks & optimization there’ll be custom pack for it.

My production experience with NGINX is 5+ years where i have successfully troubleshooted the environments with real-time traffic exceeding 30k+ concurrent visitors. What i learned in all these years that NGINX is fastest without a doubt but if you’d mess with its settings it can ended up as a slow & lagging web-server. So play carefully !!


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