I will fix a bug on your shopify store



What you will get
I will fix issues on your store, either visual bugs, something missing or a Javascript error.

The issue should be be related to one of the following:

  • Adding blocks of content to your pages.
  • Issues in your installed Theme.
  • Slider/carousel issues.
  • Menu/navigation issues.
  • A missing section or page.
  • Something not looking good, CSS issues.
  • Buttons nor working, getting red errors in the console? Javascript issues.
What I’ll need from you
A detailed description of the bug, a way to replicate it if it’s not static, the link to the page where it happens, and access to the store to modify the code and fix it.

A bit about me
Full Stack Software Engineer & Shopify Expert, creating stores since 2015, from basic UI changes to highly complex custom app dev, from basic stores to big brands that sell millions.

Drop me a text and let’s start working!


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