I will find suppliers, manufacturers, products in vietnam



Hello my friends!
I can assist you with the following tasks:

1.     If you have a business trip in Vietnam and
need someone to arrange it and assist you, I’m willing to help

2.     If you wanna find good suppliers in Vietnam
and you need someone to discuss with them first, I’m ready.

3.     If you wanna find suitable products/services
in Vietnam. I’m ready to help.

4.     If you wanna start your business in Vietnam
and need someone with a variety of experience to assist you. It’s me.

5.     I can Translate English to Vietnamese

6.     Or Become an interpreter in Vietnam

7.     Or become a part-time representative of your
Company to work with your partners in Vietnam.

8.     And many further tasks in business.

(Pls don’t book this big before talking to me and discussing about your requirements!)

Don’t hesitate to ask me if you have any questions! 
Pls, note that I just gave a price based on the
given list on Fiverr.com. If we work together, we will discuss and I’m willing
to offer a good price.
Looking forward to working for you.


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