I will find private label fba amazon shopify dropshipping products



Detailed analysis would be provided on the basis of following criteria:

Paid Tools I would use are 

  • – Helium 10
  • – Viral Launch 
  • – Jungle Scout 
  • – Merchant Word 
  • -ECommerce Inspector
  • AliHunter

**** Flexible with your requirements would be dependent on my valuable client*****
For example

  • How much you want to sell monthly?
  • How much monthly income you want to make?
  • How much you investment you want to put in your business?
  • How detailed work and time frame you want to take to launch your product on Amazon?


My product search criteria to find products 

  • – Search Volume of Products more than 50,000 monthly on main keywords 
  • – Monthly sales more than 200 or more at least
  • – Less competitive and High Profit
  • – Less brand or Amazon Dominance

– 100% Money Back Guaranteed
– 100% Satisfaction with penalty accepted if can’t satisfied my customers
– Always looking for long term project 



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