I will expert of API testing and performance testing



Every Time Software code is modified, it must to tested to ensure quality..So With increasing code base and added functionality,mannual testing turns laborious,inefficient ans costly.
Automation testing helps automate highly repetitive test cases to provide testing coverageon core business processes,cutting costs by up to 40% and resuce test time by at least 20% or more. Mostly the web applicationare based on API.So we need to test these API only by automation.

Do you have a website which need  functional testing using automation ? Great ,i’ll do that for you.I have some of year behind me when it comes to QA-Testing.I have great knowlege nad expercience with 2 tools Jmeter and Ready API tool throgh this tool we can do

  1. Can create script to automate functinality
  2. Can create report and response Time.
  3. Can test the coverage of the website.
  4. Can record the script through Blazmeter.
  5. Can test the performace of the website.
  6. Can check the load on website.
  7. Can create no. of positive and negative scenarios to check functionaility.

We can easily automate the functionality as we have to create 1000 of members for any website.We can automate it by creating one script using ready API tool.


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