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Esports, the question many ask is what is Esports? Esports is short for electronic sports, which is now known globally as one of the fastest growing industries in the world. Now what does being in Esports usually entail? Usually many of the ones in Esports are the players which are some of the best players at that game, competing for a huge amount of money in some cases at a professional level. What we are here to start you at is that Amateur level to get you started getting up to the hopeful Pro scene.

What I will do for you in this gig.

Basic: Go over team name development, when and where to get your logo, basic budget set up, email setup, Bbasic social media setup and how to start going about recruiting.

Intermediate: Everything basic has, but adding when and where to get jersey’s set up, how to start getting into tournaments, how to setup your rosters, what games to start going for, etc…

Advanced: This is the biggest one because not only do you get the previous ones but you get the addition of how to extend further into the Esports world and extend outside of it, as well as spend 1 week after we end checking up on how everything is going.


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