I will edit, proofread, and improve your marketing or writing


Editing and revision are critical components to any successful piece of writing. As an experienced writer, I know it can be difficult to take a step back and edit your work. 

Throughout my undergraduate and other classes in creative writing and english, I cultivated my ability to edit my work and that of my peers. As a professional writer covering blogs, white papers, case studies, and more, I have extensive training in branded writing, copywriting, and technical writing. 

I am confident in my strategic, analytical, and out-of-the-box approach to editing. I have experience writing and editing content including:

– Creative writing (poetry, fiction, non fiction)
– Blog posts
– Marketing materials such as case studies, white papers, and ebooks
– Articles
– Academic Papers
– Thesis Papers
– Critiques
– Research Summaries 
– Press releases

With my services, I offer you: Proofreading (grammar, spelling, verb tenses), Line by line editing (word variety, alternate sentence structure, transitions, paragraph structure, flow, organization) and a Write Up with big-picture suggestions and an in-depth analysis of what is/isn’t working in your paper.


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