I will edit 2,500 words of your novel or short story ebook


Qualified editing at a reasonable price!  I’ve published more than fifty titles under different pen names on Amazon and have been studying the technical aspects of writing for years. Not only will I edit your content for grammar, but I will offer suggestions for plot, story, flow, character development, dialog, description, viewpoint and more. My suggestions come from tested methods that work to help make your fiction more exciting and interesting, which is exactly what your readers crave.

Fine Polish (proofreading) Gig Package:

2,500 words of proofreading per gig.
spelling, homophones, structure, and clarity.
time longer for 25k +

Line/Content Gig Extras:

1,250 words per gig.

  • Line by line content changes to improve style, flow and clarity.

Suggestions for improvement.

Completion time longer for more than 10k

Developmental level edit:

Major revision and content suggestion (fiction only).

Approximately 750 words per gig.

Comprehensive look that includes:

  • All forms of editing from above gigs
  • add to, move, delete paragraphs as needed.
  • Sample text revisions
  • Comprehensive suggestions and analysis.
  • Extensive feedback


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