I will earn money in stock for u and pay me later



About This Gig

We have Different Categories of our Services
1. We Provide Trading Signals ( you just have to trade using those no analysis required from your side, we do all the analysis )
2. We Provide assistance to everyone who open a trading account.

3. We Provide Education for the Newbies
4. accurate 97% signals for short term trader low pips
5.If you want to trade get trade done by us then we will do this also for you

We will earn money for you in stock market and build a great portfolio  for you. FIRST EARN MONEY AND PAY US LATER. the booked profit of 1st week will be mine.. YOU DONT NEED TO PAY ME THROUGH YOUR POCKET. we will earn our fee through stock market itself you need just only to pay security  amount which is very penny amount 20$. From 2nd week we will earn 200-1000$ per week for you(profit is depend upon your fund available in trading account)



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