I will draft your patent application professionally



I have drafted over 50 applications for USA and other countries, I am
the most experienced Person for Patent Drafting with skills to draft the
patent application.

I will prepare a full draft application, with claims and drawings, ready for filing. You will have the opportunity to review and comment on the draft before it is finalised.
In order for a patent to be valid, it must be novel (new) and inventive.

Before you file your patent application, I can carry out a patent search,
including all the relevant patent databases, and provide you with an
assessment of your idea. You can then decide whether to proceed with
filing a patent application for your idea.

I will send you an NDA to ensure your invention disclosure is treated as confidential. I shall also be sending you an invention disclosure form and later other details which I may feel are important in drafting your specification for patent application.

All the services are mentioned in the GIG PACKAGES, If you have any question please inbox, Filing fees + Government fees are not included.

Thank you


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