I will draft terms of service and privacy policy for your website



This Gig is for a limited time only, so order now before you miss the opportunity!

We are a business studio of attorneys with specific proficiency in website and mobile app legal documentations drafting as Terms of Service, Privacy Policy (GDPR version, too), Cookie Policy, Refund Policy, Return Policy, Legal Disclaimer and related contents.

Any document is drafted by our professional lawyers with experience in in legal work in ASIA, U.K., UAE, UE and other countries, for Real Estate, E-commerce, Energy, service&product based markets and other sectors.

What you will receive. We will provide any content in a Word or HTML code, implementable in your website without additional actions. We guarantee every order is delivered ON TIME before the deadline.

Please, add the gig extra to ensure the GDPR compliance, since not being compliance may involve the shut down of your business.

What we need. We need basic info to start as:

  • Website URL
  • Company name
  • Country
  • State.

* Note that the provided agreements are for informational purposes only and do not constitute legal advice. We are not a law firm and this is not to be considered legal advice.


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