I will do zoho CRM customization, automation and workflows



*****Please contact me first before placing your order*****
When it comes to a CRM solution, Zoho CRM lets you easily customize your CRM interface to meet the particular requirements of your organization/business.

I can set up Zoho CRM, customize all the functionalities and implement workflows and 
automation to run your business smoothly. I have excellent experience with deluge scripting. I can create custom Zoho functions and can create custom workflows through deluge scripting.
Services include:

  • Setup Zoho CRM for your business or company
  • Zoho CRM customization and automation
  • Email templates, and email automation
  • custom function using Zoho deluge script
  • workflow rules as per your needs
  • create modules, fields, lookups, and functions in Zoho
  • Lead management
  • Add Remove fields 
  • Assignment Rules
  • Website forms integration with Zoho
  • API integration

Feel free to contact me for any kind of custom work in Zoho or web integration.


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