I will do your c sharp, cpp, python and go projects



If you need any help for your programming projects or to solve any programming problems then that is the right place for you!

I can design and build your C++, C#, Python or Golang projects using my proficient knowledge in software engineering and cybersecurity.

Technologies I work with and services that I provide:

  • C++, C#, Python and Golang console and desktop applications;
  • UI (HTML, CSS, Jquery);
  • Web Backend (Golang);
  • Databases (MySQL, SQL Server, MariaDB, MongoDB);
  • Web application security (BlackBox, GreyBox, WhiteBox);
  • Game Development (Unity, Godot);
  • IoT systems (Arduino, Raspberry Pi);
  • Code optimization;
  • Bug fixing;
  • Consultations.

Extra Services that I provide:

  • Penetration testing;
  • Security assessment;
  • Automation scripts writing.

My previous projects include:

  • Content discovery tools;
  • Web application fuzzing tools;
  • Secure cloud storage systems;
  • Automatic threat evaluation systems;
  • Web application mapping tools;
  • Web applications;
  • Group messaging desktop applications;
  • Platformer games;
  • Basic 3D games;
  • IoT systems and devices;
  • Custom circuits designs;
  • Arduino robots.

Note: Please message me before ordering.


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