I will do your business supply chain management and logistics plan



In this gig, I will help
you with your business supply chain management or logistics plan to reduce cost
and time. I am a business logistics professional experienced in this field for
over 8+ years now. I have helped several start-ups to adjust their product flow
and applied cost optimization. 

Why choose me?

We will bring
transparency into your logistics. Starting with purchasing and procurement
management dealing with diverse suppliers into the inventory organization,
optimizing the operations organizational behavior. We can increase productivity
and cut costs.

What will I provide?   

? Make a business supply management and logistics plan

? Support your business with supply chain management and
cost estimation

? Help startups with logistics management, supply chain
and cost estimation

? Teach you how to deal with shipping lines, freight
forwarders and 3rd party providers
? Decrease freight & customs costs

? 100% customer satisfaction

? 24/7 customer support available

Note: Please feel free to message me anytime to clear any
questions you might have!

Professional logistics
and supply chain management Expert


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