I will do the research on market and work out the market size



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I am a Certified Financial Consultant (CFC), Certified Internal Control Auditor (CICA) and Inter CA with an experience of more than a decade. I had been actively involve in the major financing of multiple businesses and still assisting many businesses as a business analyst and help them to develop industry reports, market insights, and

My Gig Offers:

I am offering the following gigs based upon the customer needs:

Silver Jig:

This give a brief overview of the market along with the market size of a Target country, Plus what will be the market size in terms of number for the next 5 years. It is best suited for the clients who are only interested in to check the financial feasibility of the products/services which they are intending to launch and want to test it at a very early stage by making a financial feasibility.

Gold Jig:

Silver Jig + Any one of the below: (Refer to FAQ)

  1. Detail Industry Analysis
  2. Customer Analysis
  3. Competitive Analysis 

Platinum Jig:

Gold + Detail Industry Analysis +Customer Analysis + Competitive Analysis. (Refer to FAQ)


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