I will do telemarketing in USA and canada or cold calling



Cold Calling Isn’t Dead, As Long As Our Humanity is ALIVE.

The issue is that most people approach cold calling poorly. They start with a sales pitch instead of finding out something about their prospect, such as their challenges and getting to know them. Then, they should slowly weave in the problem that they solve. They should talk about the problem and their beliefs, not the product, in order to create an emotional connection.
We are Agency Y (a team of 3 sales experts).

  • 7+ years of experience in telemarketing in multiple industries.
  • Over $12.000.000 in sales!
  • Able to call from US and Canadian area code.

We will do telemarketing, appointment setting, cold calling, telesales anywhere in USA and Canada. 
We charge $15/hour. 10-20 dials /hour. The number of dials depends on the duration of each call. Only provide us the phone numbers and the calling script.

If you don’t have a script, we will make it for you. https://www.fiverr.com/milanboz/create-a-custom-telemarketing-script

If you don’t have phone numbers, we will generate them for you https://www.fiverr.com/milanboz/do-b2b-lead-generation-and-generate-fresh-and-targeted-leads


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