I will do telemarketing call recordings in english uk, USA




I’ve helped many Companies by offering clients our services across all industries. We have a unique way of getting your message across clearly, effectively & professionally, ensuring you stand out from the competition!

I am a native fluent English speaker
On average I make 18 to 25 quality calls per hour depending on the length of your script
On average I secure 8 to 12 Appointments. Leads or Sales per 4 hour shifts
I will also email you a full report on :
-All customer comments  
-Proof of all Number dialled & me of Calls & Call Duration
-Call recordings sent to you for error reporting 
I will write you a full professional marketing script that works!

Just send me the Number of Marketing Calls or Hours you require per day and I will send you an offer for your acceptance to book your Campaign in advance

8 years of Marketing & Customer Services Experience
5 Star Ratings on many sites
Just ask for Call Samples
Awarded Top Sales and Customer Service Agent Numerous times

All Documents remain Confidential & are Shredded After Each Project

Thank you for your time and business. 
Have a successful week
Best Regards AL 


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