I will do technical writing, software documentation


I am a Technical writer and a web developer. I have been freelancing on freelancing platforms platforms for more than 7 years. My key areas of work as a technical writer are:
— Technical articles/blog posts (Java and related technologies)
— Interview questions for Java and related technologies
–Specification Documents (Technical as well as Functional)
–Requirement specification documents
— ERD diagrams
–Process/Workflow diagrams
–User guides
I specialise in creating screencasts for the following types of videos:
 — How To video that explains how your software or tool works
— Tutorial for a particular software
— Video explaining all features of a particular software
–Video explaining how a particular code works
 I can cover all aspects like
 — Script creation
–Video recording
–Video editing
 My other strengths are:
— Ability to do in-depth research
— Ability to document existing software
— Self-motivated
— Strong written/verbal communication skills
— Very strong attention to detail
— Ability to work remotely with virtual teams
— Dependable and always sticking to commitments


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