I will do software engineering documentation and make uml diagrams


I’m Junaid Javed and I’ll do Software Engineering documentation and make UML diagrams for you. 
I have done Bachelor’s in Software Engineering and I have amazing skills to give your software documentation a new shape. I perform a detailed analysis and research on every document. I will help you out from scratch to a complete design of the product. My services won’t end at the design as I’ll write effective test case scenarios to verify product development against its original requirements. 

My Services include:

Scope Document: Mission and vision statement, problem statement and solution, Similar product analysis, scope statement, required tools and technologies, Gantt chart, Mockups.

SRS (Software Requirement Specification): 
Identifying user stories, use case diagrmas, detailed use cases, functional and non-functional requirements.

SDS (Software Design Specification): System architecture, ERD diagram, activity diagrams, class diagrams, sequence diagrams, data flow diagrams. 

Place contact before placing the order.

Thank you 


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