I will do rigorous testing for your web and mobile applications



Hey! I am SQA Engineer which helps the people to identify and resolve the bottleneck issues in their Applications whether it will be Mobile or Web App.

I will perform Testing using Black Box and White Box Testing Techniques with detailed Test Cases which will be covering maximum Test Cases including corner cases of your App. I will provide you the executed/ready-made Test Case Document as well so that, In future, if you want to cross-verify the Steps/Application Flow by yourself.

Web and Mobile Application Testing Techniques:

  • Exploratory Testing Technique
  • Functional Testing Technique.
  • Smoke Testing Technique.
  • Sanity Testing Technique.
  • Regression Testing Technique (with Complete Bug and Test Cycle Reports)
  • ScreenPresso (For Screenshots and Screen Recording)
  • GenyMotion  (For Screen Recording)

Performance Testing

  • Apache JMeter
  • Load Runner
  • Postman


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