I will do projects related to computer science



 Please contact me before ordering.


My self Zeeshan. I am computer science expert. I have good skills in many subjects of Computer Science. I can help you in many fields. I can help you in finding Bug’s as soon as possible. I can  teach you Computer Science related courses and their concepts.

Don’t hesitate to message me. I always ready to help you.
You can get following Services with full concepts.
1)  Programming Fundamentals
2) Assembly Language
3 C sharp concepts
4) Pointers
5) Binary Search Trees
6) Stack and Queue
7)  Object Oriented Programming
8)  Data Structures 
9)  Algo
10) Operating System
11) Data Base
12) Operating System 
Programming Languages:

1) C ++
3) C #
4) Assembly
5) PHP
6) Matlab
7) C 
Everything will be according as your requirements and up to your satisfaction.



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