I will do professionally raspberry pi project and related works



I’m an Electrical engineer that is passionate about Raspberry Pi, Arduino and other embedded projects. I have made couples different projects that include different control systems, automation and embedded systems.
We can discuss your idea and in a very short time I will be providing cost-effective and efficient solution, which you’ll love that about me.I DO NOT GIVE UP

  • Installation of all types of operating system(buster, Ubuntu). 
  • Different types of installations for applications and packages. 
  • Python programming for various modules Debug your code
Experienced in

  • Arduino boards
  • Esp8266 WiFi
  • Node-RED
  • Actuators
  • Motors
PIR motion sensor 
Ultrasonic Sensor
Hall magnetic sensor 
Humidity/Moisture/Temperature Sensors
Acoustic/ Sound/ Vibration 
Chemical/ Gas Sensors
Force/ Load/ Torque/ Strain/ Pressure sensors
heartbeat sensor


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