I will do professional market research for your business



Hello professionals, business people, leaders, and innovators – thank you for taking the time to view my Fiverr profile.

My function in practice is to help businesses better understand the wants, needs, and concerns of existing and potential end-users of their products (incl. services). I also provide competitive intelligence solutions for businesses — supporting efforts in not only becoming masters of one’s own operations, but creating the knowledge base necessary to attain true industry expertise.

End Products & Solutions

  • Business Plans (SMB)
  • Competitor Analysis: Arrays, Patent Research, Profiling, Scanning
  • Industry Research Reports
  • Market Segmentation
  • Product Research
  • Presentations
  • Survey Design

Technical Capabilities

  • Design & Reporting
  • Powerpoint, Keynote
  • Pages
  • Spreadsheet Softwares (Adv. Formulas & Functions) – Excel, Sheets, Numbers
  • Miscellaneous – Aha Product Roadmapping & Marketing Planning, Census Bureau Geographies
  • Strengthing/Development* – R, SPSS 


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