I will do php website speed optimization and speed up web page



  •  Are you worried about the website Speed Optimization?
  •  Are you losing Google ranking?
  •  Are you worried about increasing the bounce rate?
  •  Are you worried about how to manage large images size?

I will boost your Php website page loading speed by using through latest google policies in 2020. Increase page load speed means to get more visitors and efficient for Seo.

Work plan:

  1. Analyze your page speed on google page speed test
  2. website Speed Optimization issues why it slow
  3. Optimize your site on Mobile and on Desktop
  4. Within 24 hours your website loading speed is up to 70%

These services I will provide for increase website speed:

  1. Compress Html,Css & js Code
  2. Integrating the Lazyload Images and optimize images
  3. Enabled Gzip and Caching for you page
  4. Integrating Cloudflare
  5. Reduce the server Response time
  6. Eliminate the render-blocking resources
  7. First Meaningful Paint
  8.  200% deliver Efficient work
  9. 24/7 availability
  10. (i will giving you the tool for free that showing you all your visitors activity)

*Please send me a site link before ordering*

When you need an efficient ‘Extra Hand’, shoot me a message. I am excited to work with you. Thanks,

Regards Sajjad Ahmad


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