I will do microsoft excel automation, with vba macros and formulas



Please contact me before placing an order. We can cover your work process and get an initial idea of the exact specification of how to best meet your needs.  

Most everybody uses computers at work, but not everyone has made their computer do the boring, mind numbing, human-error prone tasks of manipulating their data. If you’re reading this then you know that extensive formulas and VBA macros can make your life easier, you’re just looking for the HOW.  

I bring years of Excel experience in Work Process Automation as Solutions Architect and Optimization Specialist in chemical and banking industries;

  • Extensive, precise formulas
  • Visual Basic Macros controlled/triggered by buttons or UserForms
  • Macro optimization (for speed)
  • Pull data from other workbooks
  • Scrape data from online
  • Knack for good design (it’s got to look good!)
  • Error handling with Message Boxes
  • Detailed commentary
  • Pivot Tables
  • Charts/Graphs
  • and much more!

I love clicking a button in a workbook and watching the screen flicker as the computer does hours of manual work in seconds.  It’s beautiful!  

Always available for follow-up if your projects needs attention. 


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